Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Earlier, the Foodtastic Trio set forth on a short-lived cupcakey adventure at Alabang Town Center. Forgive my unnecessarily whimsical invention of words. I like my blogs that way. It adds this certain flavor to my posts. A chocolatey one, if you ask me.

The Trio consists of Diane – blondie, Celine – fancy schmancy pants, and yours truly – the chocoholic procrastinator. Our venue: Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. We have been meaning to visit the café for weeks but never found the time. Until now, that is. I had to request to work undertime today (just an hour) to accommodate everyone’s very busy schedules. I guess that’s how it is with the popular kids. Kidding. A bigger group would have been much better; given the circumstances, we had little to no choice.

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery is this teensy-weensy cute little café at Alabang Town Center (ATC). Space-wise, slightly cramped would be the apposite description. What it lacks in space, it totally makes up for with its decor. Cushioned seats adorned with flowers, fancy chandeliers, cute wallpapers, and Sanserrific vinyl graphics. If I wasn’t too busy appreciating the place with my eyes, I would have already taken about fifty photos. The counter is positioned in the middle of the store, providing a sorta 360-degree visual presentation of their cupcakes. And I haven’t even started on the cupcakes.

As with other cupcake-specializing cafés, the variety of flavors is limitless. The usuals like Red Velvet, Chocolate S’mores, and Blueberry Cheesecake were present. Plus, a plethora more bound only by the glass display. Honestly, I found it far too difficult to choose just one. I half-imagined myself ordering a sample platter. If only they had those. Cost-wise, it wouldn’t be a good move though. Too much costing and paperwork would be involved.

I hand-picked Cotton Candy for my choice mostly because it looked like a photogenic cupcake. Sorry. Dunno how to put it in words. Diane got the Nutella cupcake; Celine ordered the Luscious Caramel cupcake, a perfect fir for her title. Plus, I got an Iced Chocolate which always seems to be in a cupcake bakery menu.

We had a short conversation on how our lives will be a couple of weeks from now what with Diane and I moving to Makati. One would visit the other and vice versa. It was really short. Emphasis on the short. I consumed most of the time taking pictures of pretty much everything. Getting the right picture is always a key part in blogging. Diane had to meet up with her friend that just got back here in the Philippines and Celine, well, her boyfie was waiting to pick her up nearby. An agreement was formed stating that we were to come back, savor the ambience and company of each other, and enjoy ourselves. Close to what a blood pact is. Sorta.

P.S. No blood was shed in the making of this blog or the blood pact stated. Teehee!

P.P.S. I seem to be having some trouble uploading photos. Will upload when I get the chance.


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