A New Branch

In less than a week or so, Project Pie Park Square will open its doors to the ever busy people of Makati City. A few days more and I will be saying goodbye to the Alabang branch and embrace the Park Square branch with open arms.

Guest count projection of the new Park Square branch might exceed expectations. Situated near huge malls like SM Makati, Ayala, and Greenbelt, it will be jam-packed with people on-the-go with their ever busy and hectic schedules. I’m already prepping my mindset. If I thought Alabang is busy on weekends, it might be just as busy at Park Square on a daily basis. Imagine all the strain that will put on my fellow partners. A heavy workout every single day. On the bright side, the sky is the limit for the sales.

As I’ve mentioned, a lot of huge malls are located near the vicinity. That means, an almost infinite number of choices to grab a bite. Well, infinite is an overstatement. But you get the picture. Chinese, Japanese, Thai. Oh the possibilities are endless. I’m itching to sink my teeth on some high quality food. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

I haven’t put much thought about it, but it’s gonna be really sad getting separated with my Alabang branch partners. We’ve been together for almost four months. A solid group has been formed. Tears have been shed and groups have been made. All of us share tons of wonderful memories. I may make it sound like I’m not seeing them anymore, but that’s how I see it. No more shenanigans with them on a daily basis. No more banter. No more conversations that make no sense. No more lunch breaks at our go-to spots: Jollibee and McDo (not that we have many choices). No more laughs. No more. I have been putting this aside for days. Now that it’s nearing, I can’t help but release the sealed canister of emotions in my brain’s archive. I’m really really REALLY gonna miss those freaks. BIG TIME. Stopping by the Alabang branch would probably be incorporated in my routine a few days from now.


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