Seven Days of Happiness

Hello, June!

I can’t say that I’ve been waiting for this month, but I’m utterly delighted now that it has arrived. Mostly because I have a few things to look forward to: my birthday and my move to Makati.


My birthday is something I look forward to each year. It’s the one day that I can feel special without even doing anything; just simply being myself. My theme for all my birthdays: carpe diem. I opt to skip fancy celebrations for those are not of utmost importance. What I do prioritize is going to church and supplicating. Usually, the entire family would also pick a good place to eat before roaming the mall and maybe catch a decent movie in the cinemas. As far as celebrations go, that’s pretty much it. At the same time, regardless of how monochromatic it sounds, my happiness gauge is always at maximum level. Also, I exude a certain aura that people seem to notice at times. There’s no better way to spend my birthdays than with my family – the people I care about the most. Family is a sine qua non for anyone and everyone.


As for my move to Makati, specifically my transfer to the Project Pie Makati branch (Park Square), it should happen this month. Hopefully. New environment. New friends. New perspective.

Incidentally, I have created my own challenge on Instagram with a title slash hashtag Seven Days of Happiness. The idea is that for seven days, I will be posting seven random pictures I took that invoke happiness. Pictures that paint more than a thousand words; pictures that bear precious memories. This is also sort of a countdown to my birthday on the seventh day. Anyone is free to check out my IG account. My username is iprocrastinator. Yes, that’s my username. I found it rather cool and had a nice ring to it when I was in the process of registering an account a few years back. I still do.


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