The Seventh of June

My special day has finally arrived. Today, I turn 22.


For the first week of June, I have posted seven random but meaningful pictures on my Instagram account as a sort of countdown to my birthday. I’ll probably do a post of it with details of each picture soon. Right now, I’ll focus on what transpired on the seventh day of June.

I slept soundly throughout the entire morning. I do this often when I have the day off. I got up half past noon and found myself smiling. It’s my birthday today. Before I even checked, I already knew that I had a gazillion birthday greetings. Mom and Trixia greeting me was the highlight of my birthday. I found myself smiling even more.

My birthdays are always spontaneous. Hardly any planning is involved. All I knew was that going to church is always in my agenda.

First things first: breakfast. Here in the city, I have a plethora of choices when it comes to dining. And it is for that very reason that I find it so hellacious to pick just one spot. Considering it’s my birthday, I decided to go back to the basics. I chose a diner called Tapa King at Santana Grove. I ordered bacon and eggs with a cup of rice. Mom always prepared the same thing back at home. My little sister Trixia and I love bacon and eggs. A soothing breeze of nostalgia blew gently as I ate. Each bite reminded me of home: our dining room, sunlight piercing through our screened doors, Mom whistling while cooking, the sounds of two forks jousting over the last strip of bacon. A refreshing way to kickstart my special day.


I took care of filling food for my tummy. Next was food for my mind. A movie date with myself. Movie of choice: The Fault In Our Stars. I have been meaning to read the book since last year. I’m not one to read sappy romantic stories, but for some reason, I had a desire to read the book. I wanted to try expanding my pteferred genres. The book seemed like a good way to start. Still, until now, I have yet to even touch the pages of the book. I’ll settle down for the movie for now.

I was hoping to get tickets for the Director’s Club screening of the movie. Unfortunately, it sold out quickly like pancakes. I settled for the regular cinema screening which, quite frankly, is hardly any different. I made sure to use the toilet before heading in. This is a golden rule for moviegoers. Halfway through the movie, nature called. I tried suppressing it, but to no avail. I probably looked funny squirming on my seat while watching. I did what any sane person would do at that time – I rushed to the nearest toilet. I’ve never felt so relieved.  I got back as quickly as I can, realizing that I missed one of the good parts of the movie and almost tripping because of a backpack. Smooth moves.

My enjoyment gauge was filled to the max after watching the movie. I almost cried in a few scenes. Truly a heart-wrenching movie about a sick love story, The Fault In Our Stars is a movie for all people, whether in a relationship or not. I had Ed Sheeran’s song on repeat for hours after watching. Definitely one of the movies I recommend to watch this year. Now I’m just waiting for two more movie adaptations: The Giver and The Maze Runner.

Last stop: church. Originally, I was supposed to go to Baclaran Church. Time just flew by so fast that before I knew it, the afternoon segued to night. Baclaran is a pickpocketer’s paradise. Everyday, lots of people get snatched. It’s a whole lot worse during night time. I decided to switch to my alternative: a parish at a place called GoodWill. It’s just a ride away. There weren’t any masses, so I prayed to God. I thanked Him for everything. I can thank Him a million times and it still wouldn’t be enough. He has always been there for me when I needed Him. It only seems fit that I start and end my birthday talking with God.



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