Block 28 Team Building

No work yesterday! Hooray!

Yesterday, the entire day was dedicated to our little event called Team Building. For all the partners to be present, we had to borrow partners from other branches. They took over the entire store. Some of them were partners slash managers here before they got transferred to other branches.

12NN was the meeting time we arranged. Beau‘s house was our rendezvous point and our venue for the event. Good choice. Last time I was there, I had a blast.

With little notice, Melodee and Joseph (upper management) conducted a not-so-brief orientation about our Code of Conduct and other stuff. We then had to sign a waiver as proof that we were there and everything on the agenda was discussed. My tummy was doing cartwheels during the discussion. I was starving which led to me buying a bacon burger from Jollibee. Even on a non-working day, I still found myself going to Jollibee. I swear, it’s like a curse or something.

Fast forward to Beau’s house at La Posada. Thanks to our rich partners’ cars, we traveled in style via the West Service Road. The team building didn’t start until it was past 4 P.M. So much procrastinating, so little time.


First on the list was a meaningful prayer followed by an open forum. We discussed most of the issues. It almost went emotional (as expected). Stuff that we had no idea about surfaced. Some were enlightened and some felt uncomfortable. In the end, we all felt good letting out slash sharing with everyone the thorns that binded us. Doubts were eliminated and we found ourselves even more open to each other than ever. If only we had done that sooner.

Second on the not-so-long list: two games spearheaded by Felix the Game Master. The first game involved balloons, lots of air, and a yellow nylon rope. Basically, the mechanics for the first game were:

• Each partner should possess a balloon.
• For one minute, the balloon must stay afloat with little body contact and never touch the ground.
• Two people will try to constantly sabotage everyone.
• The partners win when everyone manages to keep all the balloons afloat for one minute.

We probably had three to five tries before we lasted for a minute. Our first try was the worst. We each focused on our respective balloons. It wasn’t until the second try that I realized that the game wasn’t just about having fun and trying to win. Felix wanted to teach us how teamwork is a vital ingredient for any recipe for success. He even kept throwing clues every once in a while.

A cord of three strands is not easily broken.

For our last try, we tied all the balloons with the yellow nylon rope. Each partner had held on the rope. We formed two circles: the inner circle was composed of mostly women, and the outer circle composed of mostly men. We sacrificed two partners to try and defend the circles. Throw in the fact that if we didn’t succeed on our last try, there would be no food served. Excellent motivation. And that’s how we beat the game. We got food. We got laughter. We got knowledge. A strong foundation would never break down easily.


The second game, (yes, there was a second) was sort of like an old game called Chinese Garter. It’s simple, really. All we had to do was jump over a yellow nylon rope tied to two chairs. We can’t go below or pass through the sides and the rope must remain untouched. If a partner were to accidentally touch it, the game would reset and everyone who has already jumped would have to return and jump again. We beat the game in a matter of minutes. We’ve never felt so alive.

For both games, not only did we have tons of fun, we also gained valuable knowledge. What more can I ask for? Well, how about food? Oh yes, we also had an abundance of that.

Everyone looked forward to dinner. Beau was kind enough to buy the ingredients and cook it for us. We had a feast fit for a hundred people – chicken, pork, pancit, and tons of rice. Our tummies were so full that we all felt a little drowsy and tempted to sleep on the spot. We didn’t. We had one last game. But before that, we had a mini jam session with the musically inclined. I joined too. I may not be much of a musician, but I love music.

Our last spontaneous game was called Flip Cup. The goal of the game was to drink the beer in the cup, flip it, and make sure it stands on the mouth side. We were divided into two groups: Group 1 and Group 2. Better group names were available, but we settled with what we had. Number 2 won the first round. What transpired next was a flurry of fun outbursts, drunk conversations, jam sessions, dripping partners, and heaps more.


Epic day, that was. Pure awesomeness and all-out shenanigans with partners slash friends slash second family. A momentary state of being infinite.


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