PH Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, Philippines!

For this day, Celine and I agreed to visit Banapple at Alabang Town Center (a.k.a. ATC as the cool kids call it) to satisfy our decadent cravings. She was craving for the Banoffee Pie. At first, I thought it was a combination of banana and coffee which didn’t really sound awful. Turns out, it means banana and toffee. Still a major turn-off since it has bananas but I willed myself to at least give it the benefit of a doubt. Plus, our cravings burned stronger than our really really hot oven. And that’s saying something.

En route to Alabang Town Center, our conversations were mostly about the Team Building. Celine wasn’t able to come. I had to fill in the gaps. Surprisingly, we discussed a lot. Even after we arrived at ATC, we were still on a roll. We had to wait for Kaye, Celine’s boyfriend’s little sister (who also happens to be our partner at work), to clock out at around 9P.M. Roaming the mall was a good idea at the time, so we did. There was this bright store on the lower level that sold cute collectibles and everyday adorable items. Beside that store was Mochiko, a mochi (Japanese rice cake) café. I love mochi so much! I had to refrain though. We had other plans. Mochiko’s interior is so cramped yet still an eye candy. Pink sofa cushions adorned the store and a huge collection of lucky Chinese cat thingies that sway their paws back and forth welcomed guests.


Half past 8 in the evening, we found ourselves waiting in queu for a table at Banapple. They gave us a number and told us that a table should be available in a couple of minutes. A lady who worked there handed over a menu. I already knew what I was having beforehand. But after seeing the menu, my little menu item dilemma started kicking in. Almost everything on the menu looked good. I guess it’s supposed to be that way. Always. Still.

As if winning the lottery, our number got picked and they rewarded us with a table situated near the Banapple sign. Lucky us. Our spot was nice. Celine ordered a sandwich and Banapple’s signature Banoffee Pie. I, on the other hand, ordered the Chocolate Peanut Butter Pancakes. Sounds sinfully scrumptious, doesn’t it? It was. Like super hyper mega ultra scrumptious.



Kaye caught up with us and the three of us started laughing and talking and eating. I found out that Kaye is a health freak. Figures. She even threw in a couple of food facts here and there. Also, I found out (again, apparently) that she wasn’t a culinary arts student. I’ll probably forget that again.


Bottom line: this was one of the best ways I’ve spent my Independence Day. Period.


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