I noticed that my creative juice is draining. When I start my blog, I usually go for the usual slash lazy Last night, Yesterday, Today. How boring is that? Quite. And it is for that reason that I tried deviating a bit on this one.

I have been meaning to try dining at Yabu House of Katsu, or Yabu as we cool kids call it. Word on the street is you get your money’s worth. Unlimited sides won me over – unlimited rice, cabbage, soup, fruits. Need I mention that the servings are very generous. With this mindset, Celine, Kaye, Raine, and I ventured to Alabang Town Center.

Spending a lot on a day before pay day sounds suicidal. But when it comes to food, I hardly ever turn down an offer. Especially when the offer is really enticing. And so we got ourselves a table at Yabu. Our table was situated near this wall with a giant mirror adjacent to the entrance. Perfect for the ever so vain people and the like. Not that we were vain. Okay, I guess some of us were.

Yabu had a pretty polished menu. The variety seemed endless, to the point where I wanted to order a little of everything. They should have a sampler or something. I shrugged the thought. I ordered the Rosu Katsu Curry. There were three degrees of spiciness. I chose the second slash middle one – HOT. Curry has always fascinated me. It’s one of the many Japanese dishes that was easy and fast to prepare but, at the same time, can be modified to cater to the taste buds of aristocrats. There was no way I was gonna let the chance to try it slip away.

Our orders came up faster than I expected. Was it really that easy to prepare?

My curry was downright delicious! The spices of the curry blended well with the salty and crunchy pork tenderloin. Paired with soup and Goma(dressing)-drenched cabbage, it was a feast for royalty. An awkward silence ensued between our bites. Everyone was hungry to some degree. We were still able to insert quick conversations and nonsensical banter in between which made us burst into laughter. Being sophisticated and showcasing proper table etiquette was just too arduous of a task. We were just four simple ingenuous individuals. No lies. No secrets. And sadly, no money. Until the next day only though.

Our Yabu experience was great. Actually, great would be an understatement. It was grand. Yup. Our Yabu experience was grand. A second visit is at hand.


P.S. I took, approximately, a million photos during that night. The usual.


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