All Time Low

For the entire five months that I have worked at Project Pie, I was caught off guard by the fact that there were still a few firsts that could happen, particularly last night when we had to close the store with just three partners and two managers. Before that, the record was four partners. An all time low if you ask me.

Initially, there were supposed to be five partners, namely: Migs, Ben, Celine, Kaye, and yours truly. Managers: Raine and Tahani. Migs got suspended for a couple of days. Not sure if his suspension ended the day before yesterday or he just didn’t feel like coming to work yesterday. I’d go with the latter. As for Ben, he got sent home for sassing a guest. No further details. Mainly because I didn’t ask for it. It was between them. That left me with Celine and Kaye, the ostensible blood-related duo slash sister-in-laws without prima facie evidence.

Kaye finished her Daily Cashier’s Report with the help of Tahani. I finished the Daily Inventory. And all three of us cleaned the line, with a push-brush-squeegee-mop combo that left the store squeeky-clean. We had the help of Kuya Cres, Ate Tess, and Kuya Edwin slash Vampire Kuya Edward. We pre-closed early which was a huge help.

For working so hard, a reward was definitely at hand. Our choice: I Love Pares.

I Love Pares (I ♥ Pares) is this little 24-hour diner located near Pilar in front of Jollibee that specializes in beef, particulary braised beef or Beef Pares (literally beef “pair” [beef paired with soup]). Another branch is located at BF Parañaque which I am also familiar with and have dined in before. This branch was relatively new, with little construction still ongoing but already open. Ianne (Celine’s boyfriend, Kaye’s big brother, and Raine’s new self-proclaimed babe) was kind enough to drive us there and ate with us.

I half expected that everyone was gonna get the same thing: Beef Pares. Stuff like this happen a lot. To my dismay, sorta, we all ordered different items. I, obviously, picked Beef Pares with extra garlic rice and a side order of sunny-side up egg.


Our time together never fell short of laughter and awkard silences. Mostly laughter. One of the many things I’ll surely miss. But that is a different story.


P.S. My Domo-kun shirt has starred in a lot of my pics lately. ☆


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