The Next Assignment

Tread carefully, dear reader. The contents of this blog post that you have stumbled upon contains highly classified information regarding the twist in the story of three unlikely heroes in this war-torn barren land dubbed as Earth.

Our three protagonists, namely: TJ, Diane, and yours truly, have found refuge in this not-so-secluded abode under the alias of Project Pie Alabang. For almost half a year, we were nurtured to be the best pizzaiolos in the whole world. Pampered and loved, we have grown to reciprocate the feelings. But just as a lion has to leave its pride to hunt for food, the three of us have to leave the place we have grown to love to quench our thirst for knowledge. Our next assignment: Project Pie Park Square.

Our [supposed] date for moving was sometime during the last week of May. That didn’t happen. It was then moved to the first few days of June, which, you have probably guessed, poofed into thin air. The date has always been uncertain and moved. This is why I was caught off guard when news broke out today that we only had a week left here. In barely seven days, our names would no longer appear in the daily schedule. In seven fast-moving (please slow down) days, the three of us will plunge into a new environment, hopefully ready to adapt and tackle the newly built establishment with heads held high and invaluable hands-on experience as one of our weapons in our arsenal.

To be continued… in Park Square. Awww. I can’t bear the thought of leaving behind my awesome partners. I. Just. Can’t. Gah! It’s definitely a whole lot harder to leave people than to say goodbye to people who leave. I want to think of this as a beginning of a new chapter in my action-packed adventure-filled adrenaline-pumped story chronicled in electronic form.

Just keep moving forward.


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