Here’s how our opening day for Project Pie Park Square at Makati went down:

Half past the hour of nine in the morning, all of the partners (well, there were a few missing) gathered for the blessing of the store at Project Pie Park Square. Two sets of flowers adorned the entrance of the store, as it is usually before opening. A huge crimson-colored ribbon was tied in the middle. Everyone gathered outside. Gibs and Cito, the head honchos, both held a pair of scissors. Both flashed a huge grin then cut the ribbon together. A round of applause ensued. Cameramen were stationed in different areas to cover the footage of the ribbon-cutting, or, more precisely, the entire event. Project Pie Park Square is now finally open.

Everyone held candles with ribbons strategically placed under white courtesy cups (to avoid wax dripping) and gave thanks to the Lord our God. Each candle lit brightly amid the blinding rays of the sun. The priest, short and bald, commenced the blessing as soon as we entered the store. We prayed, we listened, we gave thanks, and, admittedly, we played with the candles. Couldn’t resist. After which, we followed the priest around the store making one huge line as he splashed holy water everywhere. Us people in the line got wet too. We felt clean and cleansed.

When it was finally time to open the store, I sat down at one of the tables along with my fellow partners with P.M. shifts. Majority had 2P.M. shifts. I did. And since we were way too early, they rewarded us with free pizzas (again). Perks of working at Project Pie. We also got free drinks. I custom-built my usual pizza but without caramelized onions this time. No particular reason. I just didn’t want it on my pizza. It still turned out scrumptious, although I wasn’t able to finish it. I had a heavy breakfast before arriving. If only I knew that we were getting free pizzas. I would’ve skipped breakfast and finished my entire creation in lieu of just keeping it inside a plastic bag. Honestly, I was tempted to just get a dessert pizza. I make the sweetest dessert pizzas. A sinfully delectable concoction of Nutella, peanut butter, cinnamon frosting, and cinnamon powder. Sugar Overload as I like to refer to it. Every bite bursting with flavor and sweetness. You just can’t resist. I know I can’t.

Everyone was full. No complaints whatsoever. Still, we had hours to go and time to burn. Majority decided to chill at Glorietta 3. For the nth time, we went to McDo. Only two people ordered though. For about an hour or so, we were immensed in our work-related conversation laughing almost non-stop. Random thoughts and past events. After crashing McDo, we transferred to the ground level of the mall where bystanders were hypnotically hooked to their smartphones. Then we talked some more. There was a lot of talking. Only that time, the topic was previous jobs my partners had. I found out that we had an abundance of baristas or people who worked in coffee shops, people I look up to, sorta. Eventually, we made our way back to the store. It was time.

I was stationed as the Cashier for the entire week. As existing partners (people who have worked for Project Pie longer than the others), we had only one station for the mean time. The rest of our new partners were being trained to do the line, hone up their skills, and bring out the best in them. We see a lot of potential and unawakened talent. All there is to do is to push them past the breaking point.

Our first day was a success. It was all thanks to everyone working together. Teamwork will always be vital. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came. And for those who haven’t, Project Pie Park Square is waiting for you. Visit us! Tag some friends! And have a delectably awesome time!


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