Despedida, Sorta

A few days from now, my cousin will be leaving the country to pursue his Internship at China. Passing the board exam was just the beginning. Now a full-fledged engineer, my cousin will be trained in the ways of Aeronautical Engineering, dealing with airplanes, airplane parts, and whatnot. A very good opportunity for polishing skills and gaining invaluable first-hand experience. As for the duration, it’ll either be a three-month or six-month Internship. I have yet to confirm this.

To sort of celebrate this occasion, all four of us housemates agreed to eat outside. Everyone got dressed in an hour’s time. That’s saying something. Since it was out of the blue, we had to pick a place. We decided on dining at Yabu: House of Katsu at SM Mall of Asia.

I ate once at Yabu before. I remember blogging about it. This would be my second time dining there and sharing it through my blog again. Pure coincidence.

A lady receptionist in black led us to our table. We had the table with the half-sofa-half-chairs combo. Not bad. Our, or shall I say my cousin’s, backdrop was a wooded collection illuminated by bright lights. Cute manga strips-like wallpaper fancified the interior. As a fan of manga, stuff like these are fun to see. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to finish reading the entire story that had to do something with a pig.

Our orders came quick as we didn’t want to waste any time. Jo, our server with the nametag Trainee, left one menu for us for reference. We were then given the signature Black and White Sesame Seeds in a mortar and pestle for us to crush and pour the Tonkatsu sauce.


In less than fifteen minutes, our orders came up one at a time. I ordered a Rosu (Pork Loin with fat) Tonkatsu.


What I really like about Yabu, aside from their crunchy cabbage, is the fact that we get unlimited sides. I get to have as much cabbage and rice as my tummy would let me. The Katsus are delicious too. My Rosu Tonkatsu was a delight to eat even though I had a heavy meal a few hours before. Really worth the money you pay albeit pricey.


Need I mention that it was my cousin’s treat. Very generous, as always. Good luck on your China Adventure! Work hard. Play harder!


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