Project Pie Anniversary Party

Project Pie has just turned 1 year old this week. To commemorate this joyous occasion, the higher-ups decided to host an event referred to as The Anniversary Party held at Shaw 515, the very first branch that opened here in the Philippines.

Currently, there are seven stores that opened:
•Shaw 515
•BlueBay Walk
•Block 28 Alabang
•Palazzio Eastwood
•Fairview Ayala Terraces
•SM North Edsa
•Park Square
(my current store)

August 6 was the date. Luckily, I had an AM shift that time. The event started at around half past the hour of nine in the evening. As a token of Project Pie’s appreciation, the company gave away Anniversary shirts with the Project Pie logo at the front and a huge number one made up of the various branches at the back. The shirts came in two colors: black and blue. I didn’t realize this until a little later. It was sorta dim at Shaw 515 and the lights flickered to a certain beat, changing colors as if in a sequence.

Most, if not all, of the Shaw 515 partners were present. I commend them for their camaraderie and unity. They were the biggest and noisiest group. All good, though. The second biggest group was BlueBay Walk, my first store and training store. I trained with twelve (if I remember it correctly) other people. Most already quit. But I got to see three of them at the event.

We only bonded together for four days. I got to see Sannie and Iñigo last month. Say, on the other hand, I haven’t had the chance to see ever since I transferred to the Block 28 branch in Alabang. Almost six months. Wow.

I’m not sure who the third biggest group was. Let’s leave it as a mystery. As for us Park Square partners, there were plenty of us. All ready to party after the program.

The party commenced with a couple of speeches from Cito, Gibs, and Melodee; the big trio of the higher echelons. Each of them performed a short number before speaking. Dance moves that caught us off guard and was just adorable and entertaining. Next came the games.

First game: Hands-Free Cranberry Picking. Not the actual title.
Goal: Grab 10 pieces of Cranberries using only one’s mouth.
Park Square’s Representative: Jason “Sonia/Sonja” Angeles
Alabang’s Representative: Beau “Kulangot” Balagot. I felt like including my previous store’s rep.
Winner: I forgot the name. It was this guy from BlueBay Walk.

Second game: Towers. Again, not the actual title. I just felt like naming the game. The noise hindered me from hearing properly. Two groups were formed.
Goal: Build a higher tower of plastic cups than the other group.
As for the representatives of Park Square, there were four of us: Kaye and I in one group, Pepper and mommy Elvie in the other.
A few partners from other stores filled both groups. We had around two minutes to build our towers. We couldn’t. It always fell down. Our time was extended when both groups had the same height of towers for thirty seconds. Our group won and we rejoiced. Our prize came in the form of one thousand pesos which wasn’t really so bad.

The third part of the program was a collection of videos and pictures of all stores compiled into a neat slideshow presentation accompanied by songs. I took this opportunity to grab a few bites. Pasta, mini sandwiches, hors d’oeuvres, nachos – I had a little of everything. The best part: the chocolate fountain. Never expected that. I laughed and cheered and made all sorts of noise as the slideshow kept playing and I kept eating.

The last part, and probably the most awaited part by majority, was the discothèque. People were itching to drink and party the night away. We danced to the beats of Alesso, Avicii, and much more. Bottles broke, floors got wet, food fell, chairs scattered, people roared and the dance floor came to life. The Anniversary Party was a night of epic proportions.


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