Chocolate Chip

The bells are ringing, the lights are blinking, the songs are playing, the people start decorating. The not-so-sublte hints that Christmas is just around the corner. And it is fast approaching!

Eight months have already been ripped off the calendar. Unfortunately, pasting all those calendar pages back won’t turn back time. Not that there’s any need to.

Let me kickstart the BER months with a sweet little visit to Pythagora’s Café.

Pythagora’s Café is this cute little place near Olivarez College in Parañaque City. Items from the menu include pasta, desserts, coffee, to name a few.


The café has a capacity of about fifteen people inside and around six people outside in their al fresco. Now you know what I meant by cute.

Framed pictures hang on their walls painted in classic white. I found this one rather enthralling.


A long brown table sits on one side, showcasing an array of various products like cookies, tea, and coffee beans.


Aside from one person immersed in his laptop, there were no other guests. The lack of people contributed to the serenity of the café. I practically had the place to myself.

I placed my order by the counter. A lady in blue with a nametag that read Cindy wrote down my order. Her smile was as bright as the afternoon sun and her demeanor was just as warm. I half thought that she only borrowed the nametag. She didn’t look like a Cindy. More of a Jane, if you ask me.

My sugar overload of an order consisted of a Chocolate Chip Belgian Waffle and a Chocolate Chip Milkshake.


An abundance of chocolate chip on a bright sunny afternoon. Want a bite?


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