First Day High

I shall return. – Gen. Douglas McArthur

For almost two months, I ventured outside my comfort zone and explored the outside world that is (Project Pie) Park Square. Only a few more days and I would have been able to celebrate the second monthsary of the Park Square branch together with the other partners. Unfortunately, my time was up. No more venturing for me. I made an unexpected and sudden comeback to (Project Pie) Block 28 Alabang. And today was my official first day of duty. I say this because I was supposed to come in two days ago but requested to show up for work yesterday. Since we still have to cut back on manpower, I was asked politely if I could sit it out and come today instead. My answer was a huge “Yes!“. Maze Runner premiered yesterday. Perfect timing!

I could go on about how I liked the movie and how I opted to watch the adaptation before reading the book so I have zero expectations, but that’s not why I’m writing this. What I do want to share is my comeback slash first day (again). Originally, the scheduling manager gave me an opening shift (8AM-5PM) but I had to switch with Diane because of the wake of her cousin. I ended up with a mid shift of 12NN-9PM which is totally fine. Tomorrow’s my rest day anyway.


As usual, I arrived a few minutes earlier than my shift. Doesn’t everyone? An exchange of hellos and casual bursts of excitement ensued. I was back. And as much as I wanted that very fact to sink in, it just wouldn’t. Sometimes, I would wake up and psych myself up thinking that I would get to see my Park Square family. Then it would dawn on me that… I wont. I’m part of the Alabang Family again. As much as I like my Alabang Family, I still feel a li’l separation anxiety here and there with no way of shaking the feeling off. The fact remains that I miss them. The exact same feeling that I felt when I left my Alabang Family. Why is this so hard?

Earlier, during my shift, we had a slightly huge wave of people. Nostalgia swept me over. For a second, I felt the adrenaline rush that I got accustomed to back in the days. My body missed it. And as I was accommodating the guests, I had so much fun that I momentarily forgot everything else. There was only that time. There was only the people and us partners and the pizza and nothing else. I would say it’s the same feeling of forgetting when having a beer, but I don’t drink.

Carpe Diem.

Feels good to be back to my roots.


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