When was the last time you did something for the first time?

James Markham, the founder of Project Pie, dropped by here in the Philippines a couple of hours ago. The fellow is probably sleeping as we speak. Spending almost a day in a plane is tremendously tiring. Trust me, I’ve been there. False pretenses of sleeping, cooped up in that unreclinable seat, contemplating whether or not watching a movie is a better idea than playing a video game, and enduring the excessive poking of the person behind you who is somewhat mimicking a woodpecker. Definitely tiring.

Based on James’ photos on Instagram, he seems to travel alone all the time. And frequently. In the U.S., he hops from one state to another in a weekly basis. Daily basis, even. Just thinking about it adds a little stress already. He’s a tough cookie, that guy.

In lieu of this, we focused our energy on prepping the store (Project Pie Block 28) and utilizing every minute possible. Sorta. Our OIC delegated tons of tasks to our respective MODs. Our MODs then assigned each partner a specific task. Beautifying the store, checking all the stocks, ensuring everything is standard. These are but a few of the million tasks we had at hand. A role play was also planned and a mini quiz slash reviewer was provided. The latter proved to be a little challenging and very witty. The former, our supposed role play thingy, didn’t exactly go as planned. Actually, no plans were made. We sorta winged it. And it turned out better than we could ever imagine.

Our little role play started with a quick little huddle. As always. With the quiz in Liz‘s (our OIC) hands, she kickstarted with a barrage of questions. Most of the items pertained to Project Pie’s standards. The proper way of doing this and that. There were plenty. But in between those items, we took on roles and acted them out by heart. And each partner or MOD who wore a different cap and acted out the role flawlessly provided a barrel of laughs. Almost half an hour was spent getting the basics right and entertaining each other in the best possible way. Roughly thirty minutes of instilling knowledge and entertaining ourselves in epic proportions. Pure bliss. The very first time that we had so much fun that our cheeks hurt and learned so much simultaneously.

This is the Block 28 that I was introduced to. The Block 28 that I came to like and treated like a second family.

How about you? When was the last time you did something for the first time?


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