As I sat in the corner of Project Pie BlueBay Walk earlier, I pondered about dinner. JJ and I dropped by to see Raine, the scheduling Manager of the said branch. Trivial as it was, I couldn’t just shrug it off. Enveloped by the chilly air of the dining area, I fired up Chrome and looked for places nearby. Japanese, Korean, American. There were a lot. I had to narrow it down somehow. In the end, Conti’s was chosen. Conti’s is located just beside Project Pie. The average individual need only to take around ten steps to reach the place.

Conti’s would have been my last pick, considering that I recently visited their WestGate branch with Diane and enjoyed a couple of sammiches. During that last visit, Diane ordered this pasta that clicked with my taste buds – New Zealand Mussels and Mushroom Pasta. Thus, I ordered it today.


The fettuccine noodles danced along with the mussels and mushrooms in my mouth, tickling my tongue. The addition of garlic on top of the creamy white sauce sealed the deal for me. Serving size was adequate. Visually appealing. Overall, a winner. I fell in love. A match made in heaven.

A trip to a bakeshop wouldn’t be complete without pastries or dessert. Each of us ordered a slice of cake to finish up. Being a chocoholic, I leaned towards the Choco Overload Cake. Jj picked the Salted Caramel Cake and Raine chose the Bananalicious Pie because she loves bananas.


If you’re familiar with the card game Pens, then you can imagine what we did with our cakes. We had a full shuffle, sampling all three cakes while saying 1, 2, 3, Pass! Verdict: Choco Overload Cake tops my list. Not being bias here. Indulging on the layers of chocolate, the sugar overload of the decadent cake bursted with flavors and pleased my chocolatey appetite. Second would be the Salted Caramel cake. Bananalicious Pie came dead last.


I never fall short of laughs when I’m with Raine. She just never ceases to make me laugh; to make everyone laugh. To have that certain positive outlook on life, she’s an individual one can look up to and look forward to hang out with.


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