Dry Run

What do you do when you open seven stores of a franchise? You open an eighth one. At least, that’s what the guys of Project Pie PH are aiming for.

The awesome guys of Project Pie PH has always had their eyes on Makati. An opportunity to open up two stores in the ever bustling city came at a price that I am unable to describe clearly. One is at Park Square (my previous store) that opened its doors at around the second half of July. Fast forward to around two months and the second store – Valero – came to be.

Project Pie Valero, the eighth store, had their dry run yesterday. Along with Block 28 Alabang partners, we dropped by to support their Officer In Charge – Beau (previously a Manager of Block 28). Transpo was courtesy of Gel and her Trooper. New additions and alterations were incorporated to the tried-and-tested already-loved interior. One notable tweak was the revamping of the line. The new layout featured a U-shaped line and was significantly shorter compared to the lines of other branches. With two stories, I half expected the store to have more space. Wrong. The second floor spanned only half the length of the building. I feel like a lot of space was wasted. Then again, I might just have missed the al fresco which was still under construction. Overall, the store was reminiscent of a New York restaurant.

Our group was luckily entitled to four free pizzas regardless if we had invites or not. Yes, dry runs cater exclusively to invite holders. Coincidentally, there were eight of us. Four pairs in total.

The pairs:
Gel and JJ
• Diane and Agnes
• Me and Benjo
• Bea and Sabs

Save the best for last.

I figured giving either one of our names was too typical. A combination of our names were out of the question.  I suggested to Benjo that we use a different name. To deviate from the usual. That’s when an imaginary lightbulb lit up above my head. Superman. Out of the blue, I came up with Superman. Benjo approved. Plus, the dough greeter and other partners were amused. It was a win-win situation. We ordered a modified number 6 and divided it into two. Our pizzas were ready in minutes.


Upstairs, we spotted a table by the window. Park Square partners were also present. Catching up proved to be really challenging. So little time. So much stuff to talk about. I mingled with pretty much everyone I was acquainted with.



When it was time to leave, it started pouring as if to keep us at bay. No rain could stop us though. We pushed through and asked Gel to drop us at Park Square by the terminal. Diane and I couldn’t wait to enter Project Pie Park Square. Racing with each other, we rushed to the entrance. Kuya Jay, the guard on duty, opened the door for us. Without a second to waste, I hugged everybody really tight and exchanged I Miss You’s and How Are You’s. Words couldn’t express how much I missed my Park Square Partners and Managers. My face was lit with a smile the moment I walked in until the moment I left the store.


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