Wild Wednesday

Drinking alcohol has never been my thing. Never has, never will. I see no joy nor sense in spending money on something one will eventually barf. With that said, I don’t deny that I do [have to] drink on certain occasions – like last night. It’s what Filipinos call pakisama.

My friend Miguel, who I call Migs or Miggy/Piggy, celebrated his birthday yesterday in the comfort of his own house. Tons of people were invited, booze being the only invite item needed. I still had to close the store with my other partners. Delay in arrival was in the cards.

A couple of my friends were already there. A few unfamiliar faces welcomed us which was to be expected. Forgive us but the first thing we did upon arrival was scour for food. The closers were starving. We were starving. Migs’ mother, hereinafter referred to as Tita (Aunt), whipped us up some spaghetti, pansit, and barbecue. Tita is very nice and accommodating. Our group devoured a whole styropack full of barbecue while getting to know Tita and her whole family more. One of the more interesting facts we found out was that their family is musically-inclined. A keyboard was placed near the entrance. Adjacent to it was a set of drums and some speakers. A brown acoustic guitar lay flat on their soft brown sofa. One couldn’t be anymore music-ey than that.

Getting down to business, one of the few things I told Migs is I’ll take a shot or two for him. It was his birthday; he’s my brother from another mother. I took a shot of Emperador Light and drank this chaser specially concocted by Migs. I distinctly remember him referring to it as his Special Juice. What made it special, I have yet to ask. I guess there are stuff that I just don’t need to know. My second shot came in the form of a half-full jigger of Bacardi. I felt the heat in my throat as I gulped it. Even with ice cold water, my body temperature rised and my throat felt really dry. Just shows how much of a non-drinker I am.

My Park Square partners arrived a little later. I hugged them so tight. I missed those kiddos. Catching up proved to be challenging but still manageable. Park Square’s Team Building is nearing. I’m psyched up!

Singing, dancing, partying, drinking, socializing. Pretty much all the necessary elements of a party was present. It wasn’t long before the birthday boy himself passed out in his room. At least, I think he was in his room. Migs has been drinking from late afternoon until an hour past midnight. He couldn’t even walk straight. Hosting a dope party like that drained him. With endurance and alcohol tolerance that high, he’s a vital element for any party.




Happy birthday, Migs! Thanks for having us!


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