Afternoon Buddies

With the continuous expansions, Project Pie is becoming even famous than ever. New stores pop up here and there. And with the opening of a new store comes the team building of the previous store opened. In this case, it’s Park Square’s turn for team building.

Being around for the first two months at Park Square, I have gained more friends and a better understanding of Project Pie in general. I assumed that I became a permanent part of the roster of Park Square partners. I assumed wrong. An abrupt twist of fate led me back to my roots – Block 28 Alabang. Before the third quarter of the year ended, I was back – better than ever. Equipped with the knowledge from Park Square, I set forth.

Fast forward to two months and we have ourselves the much-awaited Park Square Team Building which is today, to be exact. Plot twist: it’s at Tagaytay. With no companion, I deemed traveling there to be lonely and somewhat dangerous. I have never set foot in Tagaytay. And even though this was the perfect opportunity I have been waiting for, it just wasn’t the time yet. Plus, with my zero sense of direction, I’d get lost for sure. Thus, I have chosen to stay at home and look for company.


I found Chuckie and Selecta lying around with Nexus (tablet) and instantly made them my afternoon buddies. One can never go wrong with ice cream and chocolate drinks. Excuse the sugar rush.

Expel the negative vibes and indulge a kid’s wish of a pure chocolatey fantasy.


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