It’s been a while since I last saw a movie. If my memory serves me right, it was around September; the movie Maze Runner just hit the theaters then. For two whole months, I have been idle, never having enough willpower to go to the cinemas. I missed quite a few hyped up big titles. I realized [today] it was high time I went to the cinemas.

One recently hyped up movie is Big Hero 6. I remember watching the trailer half-asleep. Never got around to watch the entire trailer. And here I am now, just waiting for the last full show of the said movie, too excited that I actually started live blogging about it.

Traffic was really heavy and hit us hard. Not to mention it was pouring. Cars and jeepneys filled the very narrow West Service Road, horns roaring in the dead of night. Our travel time took us almost two hours whereas it would have only took us around forty five minutes supposedly. I fell asleep a couple times en route. The cold weather mixed in with the sensation of traveling almost instantaneously lulls me to sleep.

The three of us: Alexa, Stephanie, and I, planned on watching the movie on 7:30PM. We didn’t make it. Stupid traffic. We had to settle for the last full show at 9:50PM. Alexa had second thoughts. She has classes tomorrow morning. Early morning. Eventually, we all agreed to watch, not letting our efforts of coming here go to waste.

Before looking for a place to eat, we secured our tickets. The cinemas were relatively easy to find, situated on the fourth floor. Alexa chose our seats for us. She got us seats in the middle section for better viewing and less craning of our necks.

I felt like getting a sub and Alexa felt the same way. I got a BLT footlong with no tomatoes. I resisted the urge to get a side of chocolate chip cookies. Subway’s cookies are really good. Alexa ordered a 6-inch sub. I didn’t pay enough attention to find out what it was. Steph bought dinner from KFC which was just beside Subway.


A huge life-sized Baymax stood proudly between the cinema entrances. Seeing as how we had time to spare, we took a couple of shots with the white dude. Even without seeing the movie or even half of the trailer, Baymax’s popularity skyrocketed. Anyone who’s anyone knows him.




See you on the big screen, Baymax!


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