Page 4 of 365: First Sunday

Dear reader,

I didn’t get the chance to go to church on the first Sunday of the year. Whenever I have a closing shift, I usually have to sleep the entire morning. I plan on going to church, or at least attend a mass, sometime next week.

At the store, assuming you already know that I work at Project Pie, there were plenty of us – AM and PM people included. A total of 6 partners were present for the closing shift, plus, two Team Leaders. Now that’s something you hardly see everyday every week.

Agnes finally came to work after 127 million days of being absent. She’s currently a Team Leader Understudy learning the ways of Dry Stocks with Drew as her mentor. Spoiler Alert: Although, as what I overheard before she went home, she might start handling Scheduling.

Block 28 was is slowly regaining it’s former glory. A growth in our sales is highly evident, as seen or felt by the partners; a sign of a major turning point. Who knows? Maybe sometime this year, we can finally return the investment. The higher ups called it Return Of Investment (ROI). So far, only one store has been able to achieve this. That’s one down, eight more to go. We’re aiming to be the second store to claim this achievement.

As for my day, it went by way too fast and smooth. With all six of us cleaning the store, time went by in a flash.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. ~ Helen Keller

Swiftly yours,


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