Page 5 of 365: Tomorrow

Dear reader,

Block 28 just turned a year old last month. No celebrations have been made yet. Well, aside from buying food from Amber and Red Ribbon, nada.

The team have brainstormed in an attempt to decide where or how we would celebrate the joyous occasion. Swimming, theme parks, and private houses are but a few suggestions. Eventually, we have come to an agreement – swimming it is.

PANSOL, if I spelled it right, would be our venue. I heard the place has hot springs. I’ve never been to a hot spring before. I only get to see it in T.V. shows. The idea of soaking my body in a naturally warm body of water excites me. Lowering my expectations would do me good as well. I don’t want to be disappointed.

The outing, as we call it, is happening tomorrow. As I think of all the pictures I can take, I can’t help but smile a little. Being a self-proclaimed photographer slash blogger, I find joy in simple things. I anticipate that tomorrow’s blog post will be a tad bit longer than my first few entries.

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree. ~ Martin Luther

Incidentally, the closing peeps – Me, Benjo, Jann, and Rita – went to South Supermarket earlier and bought a gallon of Nestlé’s Cookie Butter ice cream. We plan on devouring it later after work.


Excitedly yours,


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