Page 6 of 365: Together

Dear reader,

Midnight has come and the day practically ended. I found no time to blog as I was too busy having fun earlier.

As I previously stated, yesterday was Project Pie Block 28‘s outing. La Vista Pansol, our agreed venue, fell short of majority’s expectations. Privacy was a huge issue; La Vista is a public resort. The girls had to drive a few meters down the road.


Pansol is like a mini neighborhood made up of public and private resorts. Left and right, resorts varied from huge fancy-looking ones to tiny homey ones. Villa Alfaro, the private resort we rented, was the latter. What it lacked in space, it made up with an indescribable feeling and comfort of your own abode.


Our little private villa had huge brown gates in the front. A little convenience store is located by the entrance, adjacent to the garage. Inside, a decent sized pool greeted us. A white and blue slide was present. Below it, fauna filled the sides, contrasting the pool. A mini kitchen and dining area is situated just in front of the pool. Upstairs, yes, you read that right one would find the lodging. Three separate rooms, each with different interior designs, composed the entirety of the second floor. Well, the three rooms plus a comfort room. The third room was vacant. My room was the farthermost one. It had three double bunker beds. The room beside ours, had only single beds. Fortunately, all rooms are fully air conditioned and included a mirror. We were off to a good start.

Roll call:
•Kuya Cres
•Mommy Liz
•Kuya Raymond
•Rommel (Me!)
•Ate Tess


There were twelve of us present. Only twelve. A few weren’t able to/didn’t come. And here I thought we would finally have a chance to do something as a team. By team, I meant everyone in the store. For Pete’s sake, Kuya Cres, who no longer works in Project Pie, was able to come. We even borrowed 4 partners and a Manager from BlueBay Walk to cover half a day of Block 28’s operations. One can’t say we didn’t try.

We arrived at around 5-ish. By the time we settled in, the sun had already set.

Our first and last activity, if one can call it that, was swimming. We splashed and swam and got turned into a wrestling dummy all night long. Naturally, in between, we ate, jammed, played cards, and had one of the best times of our lives. Alcohol was present, to add to our extensive well thought out menu.






Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. ~ Henry Ford

Blissfully yours,


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