Page 8 of 365: Productivity

Dear reader,

I woke up to the sound of my alarm and it’s infernal tone. I hesitantly got up and fired up my laptop. With my cheap mouse gripped by my right hand, I made my way to the official website of NBI.

The process of applying for an NBI clearance requires patience. Lines as long as concert ticket outlets, understaffed offices, stressed government employees; factors contributing to the time-consuming application process. That was before. NBI has decided to shorten the process and compressed it into three simple steps: register and pay, fingerprint verification, and releasing. I wasted no time and registered while still shaking the drowsiness off.

I got ready for work a few minutes later, making sure I had the necessary information I needed. I paid at the nearby BDO bank and went to work.

Tomorrow, all I need to do is visit the nearest NBI office and claim my NBI clearance.

Incidentally, the closing peeps (Me, Agnes, Jann, and Rita) minus Celine, felt really hungry after our shift. A very common thing amongst partners. We ate at Siningag Express at Northgate Cyberzone not far from where we work. We ate a lot; came home bloated.


Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before. ~ Franz Kafka

Productively yours,


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