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Dear reader,

I arrived at work and did my thing: put my cap, tucked in my shirt, and tied my apron. I checked my entire look, from head to toe. I caught a glimpse of a black polo shirt worn by a woman – the uniform of a Team Leader – through my peripheral vision. As I peeked by the door, I saw Raine and tugged her inside while hugging her. I was just as shocked as everyone else.

Raine used to be a Team Leader of Block 28 in charge of Scheduling. She got transferred to BlueBay Walk sometime in the past. She now handles Admin duties. This beautiful friend of mine got assigned at Block 28 for the night, along with Carlos.

Carlos, an ex-partner that recently got promoted to a Team Leader in charge of Wet Stocks, is a closing manager for today as well.

The day pretty much revolved around unfinished businesses, the usual shenanigans with Raine, tons of catching up, unnecessary flirting, and selfie taking. Lots and lots of selfies.



During our shift, the power went out and all of Filinvest City had no choice but to use the ever so noisy power generator.


We added extra effort in cleaning the store tonight. Nevermind about the comparisons to other stores; we’re proud of our feat tonight. Truly an accomplishment worthy of praise. I remember this quote back in elementary, during our Boy Scouts events.

Always leave the campground cleaner than you found it.

Carlos bought a couple of San Miguel Lights again. As we sat and talked, the others chugged beer while expressing what they felt. Celine, in particular, guzzled two bottles of beer. My eyes widened. All of this was happening while the power generator was being really really really loud.

Nothing makes a room feel emptier than wanting someone in it. ~ J

Unexpectedly yours,


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