Page 10 of 365: Food

Classes have already started this year. But even with the abundance of schools near where I live, weekends still prove to be challenging days when looking for home-cooked meals. One would think that more stores would open on weekends what with all the students not occupied with their classes.

I ate at Lola Ima’s Tapsihan. I had Caldereta, chop suey, two cups of rice, and a bottle of Pepsi. I didn’t feel good about drinking soda first thing in the morning, err, afternoon. Ironically enough, they didn’t have Tapsilog (dried/cured beef [Tapsi from Tapa], garlic-fried rice [si from sinangag] and egg [log from itlog]), or any silog meal for that matter. They should consider renaming. It was a total letdown. Almost all the nearby diners were closed. MiniStop and 7 Eleven were always my last resort.

Next week, a diner within our village will finally reopen. This diner is one of my favorites because they serve fried rice, a staple side amongst other signature dishes. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

There is no sincerer love than the love of food. ~ George Bernard Shaw

Hungrily yours,


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