Page 12 of 365: Mystery

Dear reader,

At Project Pie, our schedules usually rotate from opening or AM shift to closing or PM shift. Sometimes, one is assigned a mid shift to balance the number of partners. That’s my schedule today – mid.

My schedule is slowly reverting back to its usual cycle of PM to mid to PM. I get AM shifts for one to two days, then it’s closing or mid all the way. I long for the taste of the morning sun lightly piercing my skin with its morning rays. The morning dew, slowly dripping from the leaves outside. Chirps resonating from the birds nearby. Simple things, really.

I’ve gotten used to this cycle. It’s been almost seven months. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I just can’t deny what I long for. But, past through this tunnel, is a sliver of hope that I cling on. A revelation and turn of event that would free me from the cursed shackles of this cycle. I’ll reveal it soon enough.

So just sit tight, buckle your seatbelt, and enjoy my mystery-filled life of adventures.

Incidentally, Mommy Liz confirmed something for me regarding the store. I’m just waiting for the official announcement during one of our huddles.

Better days are coming.

Mysteriously yours,


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