Page 13 of 365: Admin

Dear reader,

I was in the kitchen earlier, prepping. With a sharp red knife held firmly by my right hand, I sliced some freshly grilled chicken on a red chopping board. In the kitchen, our paraphernalia are color-coded: green for veggies, red for meats. As I filled an entire cambro (food storage equipment) with thick slices of chicken, the management gathered everyone for a quick huddle.

Mommy Liz commenced the huddle. She started it with an announcement of the official Team Leader Understudies:

•Wayne for BEF
Ryan for Wet Stocks
•Agnes for Scheduling
•Yours truly for Admin
•Piggy the Slave (Miggy) for Dry Stocks

The line up itself is pretty interesting.

Admin, huh?

At around 4-ish, all the closing peeps went on break. There were only three of us, anyway – Ryan, Me, and Celine. The three of us wore the exact same uniform color – brown. Coincidence.


Mommy Liz asked me to join her as she was on her lunch break as well. She fiddled with the office’s computer, visited YouTube, and clicked on a playlist about heartbreak. I was taken aback, my eyes stared at her. I shrugged unconsciously.

“Rommel, you’re gonna be the next Admin. Basically, most of an Admin’s work revolves around reports. Also, you will be handling all things cash.”

As she said this, she gestured towards two separate logbooks. I flipped one open. Cash breakdowns and endorsements done on a daily basis; all by Bea, the current Admin Team Leader. I came across terms and acronyms that I asked Mommy Liz one at a time. Right around this time, a song by Paramore was playing. The video was in black and white. I closed my eyes as I listened.

I would be learning all those terms and much more.

Several thoughts flooded my head. I took the last bite of my boxed dinner and gulped my cup of iced tea.

“Mommy Liz, why are you listening to songs for brokenhearted people?”

“No reason in particular. I just felt like it.” Mommy Liz shrugged and started doing her own reports.

Reports. I wonder how good I’ll be when I start doing my reports?

Leadership – leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses. ~ Mitt Romney

Responsibly yours,


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