Page 17 of 365: A Certain Korean Store

Dear reader,

There’s this Korean store at Commerce Center called Assi Korean Mega Mart. I first stumbled upon it a few days ago, on Celine’s last working day. As if triggered by some sort of mechanism, I immediately thought of Agnes as I immersed myself in a store full of Korean goodies. I swore to bring her there someday. That day was today.

After work, Agnes and I, together with Diane and Miggy, made our way to Commerce Center. I had to finish my paperwork before we could go.

All four of us went outside at the same time. Miggy told us to wait a few seconds, heading straight to his car by the parking lot on the opposite side.

Commerce Center was as laid back as usual. Only a handful of people can be seen walking around. The cinemas were a different story. Majority was excited to watch Taken 3, forming a slightly long line. I haven’t even seen the first one. I must be lame.

Assi is located on the ground level. I went in last. The store was as quiet as when I first went in. The chillers on the leftmost part showcased a variety of Korean drinks. I saw one with actual Korean ginseng, floating inside the bottle. Talk about fresh.

Agnes grabbed some packed seaweed. Diane and Miggy chose from a wide array of Korean noodles. I saw the noodles I bought. The dry noodles that I prepped wrong. Long story.

I would’ve bought Korean ice cream but my tummy has been acting weird lately, affecting my appetite. Anyway, Koreans sure know how to make good ice cream. There’s this fish-shaped one under the brand Melona with two flavors: Chocolate and Strawberry. I am really fond of the former. I just can’t get enough of it. Assi didn’t have it though. So sad. They had a red bean variant of the fish-shaped ice cream under the brand Samanco, or something like that. It could be that they were out of stock. I shrugged.

People are very open-minded about new things – as long as they’re exactly like the old ones. ~ Charles Kettering

Internationally yours,


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