Page 18 of 365: Petty Cash Vouchers

Dear reader,

Bea, my mentor, focused on teaching me all about PCVs or Petty Cash Vouchers today at work. Being the Admin Understudy, I have tons of paperwork that I need to learn and tackle on a daily basis. This is just one of those reports.

During our break, after doing groceries at South Supermarket for the store, Bea and I went to the office and commenced.

Bea opened the white cabinet directly above me. Inside, the lower half part is occupied by tons of Admin documents. Gently, she pulled out a green folder titled PCV. Inside, various documents were neatly fastened. She took out a white document half the size of a regular bond paper. Enlisted was the summary of expenses incurred within a one-week timeframe. I believe the name of the form is PCV Summary. Attached at the back were all the receipts of the expenses, in a chronological order from oldest to most recent. Her fingers fluidly flipped one receipt after another, pointing at each item on the list.

Copy and paste.

Bea noted that I shouldn’t fill up all the spaces of the form; HQ isn’t too fond of it. Best to leave an allowance. Makes it look neat, too. Not at all cramped.

The forms were set aside, compiled. Bea fired up the computer. She clicked on the folder on the desktop named Management Folder. She clicked on her folder and opened an excel document about PCV. Apparently, after accomplishing the hard copies, the soft copy is next. I just had to input the individual transactions slash expenses, with corresponding codes. HQ needs a copy of this.

The walkie talkie started picking up static. Then, a voice spoke:

We’re swamped. We need help downstairs, please.”

By this time, our lessons came to a momentary halt. Both of us rushed downstairs and provided back up in the front lines of operations.

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Insightfully yours,


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