Page 19 of 365: Catching Up

Dear reader,

It was around 10AM when I started doing the Petty Cash Voucher reports. The forms were neatly compiled by my gorgeous mentor, Bea. A hands-on training with her as my witness.

I did almost a week’s worth of PCV reports. Each item had tons of data that I needed to input. Plus, a corresponding code for each item. Attention for detail is very critical.

After finishing the reports, we printed three copies of it. Two for HQ, and one for the store. Bea set aside the PCVs, pulled out the green PCV Summary folder, and opened it. She openend her mouth, ready to say something, when Mommy Liz suddenly called me.

“Mel! Can you please come down for a bit?”

I rushed downstairs. Usually, this entails the need for back up. This time, it was a different case. I opened the door, went to the line, and saw two ladies. It was Kaicy and Ela, my Michigan, U.S.A. buddies!

As if propelled by an invisible force, I flew to them and hugged them tight. I couldn’t believe they came to me instead of going with the plan. You see, last week, we planned an escapade. Our target destination was either Tagaytay or Batangas. I requested an off on Monday, or today, for this very outing. Two days ago, my scheduling manager told me it couldn’t be approved. Manpower issues. I told them I couldn’t come. I frowned every time I thought of it yesterday. The other two, Jessa and Jemuel, couldn’t come either. Just as I was wondering where Mico’s soul was, he quietly came in the front entrance. He gave me a high five.

It took several seconds for that to sink in. I was so surprised! Honesty, I never expected them to come visit me at work. I appreciated what they did.

“Let’s start making your pizzas!”

I hopped and hopped to reach the dough presser machine. Equipped with medium gloves, I grabbed a dough ball and gently placed it inside the machine. On the middle part of the dough presser belt, to be specific. With both of my thumbs, I pressed two separate green buttons. The machine roared to life, made a really loud noise, and pressed the dough ball for seven whole seconds. While waiting, I sprinkled cornmeal on three separate yellow wooden pizza pills. I did this three times.

Kaicy chose all the meats and a few walnuts. Mico got mostly pork. Ela, last but not the least, ordered a Chocolate S’mores pizza. She claimed that she already ate and was still a bit full.

The three chose the high table beside the Stairway to Heaven a.k.a. our stairs. I approached them excitedly. First things first. Mandatory selfie, groupie, and food pic.

“How are you guys?”

I missed them so much. While the three were eating pizza, we did a lot of catching up. I stood while talking with them. Don’t want no guest seeing me slacking off.


Finally, when it was time to go, the three thanked me after cleaning up after themselves.

“We’ll be at Alabang Town Center for the meantime. All three of us will be waiting for you. Let us know when you get off from work.” Kaicy told me, smiling.

Fast forward to 5PM. Ela called.

“Mel, we’re at the parking lot right now. We’ll wait for you here.”

“Parking lot? Wait, Alabang Town Center’s (or ATC as we cool kids call it) parking area is too big. Heh.” I replied, carefully balancing the trays with only one hand.

“No, the parking lot outside of Project Pie.” Ela laughed while she said this.

“On my way. I’ll be there in a sec.”

I clocked out, unequipped my apron and cap, placed it inside my haversack, and ran like the wind.

Our destination was The Burgery {The Bad Boys of Burger}. Situated at BF Homes and sporting a cool logo, The Burgery stands on par with known burger brands. Space-wise, the place is cramped. But what it lacks in space, it makes up for its quality.

Our first ten minutes was spent trying to connect to their wiFi. Ahhh, the era we live in now. Gadgets are now an everyday commodity. Most people just can’t live without a smartphone and a decent wiFi connection. I guess I’m part of this group. And so are my friends. Nothing bad about it, though. Just saying.

Kaicy asked one of the servers if Rowen was around after he handed us our menus. Rowen used to be a partner at Project Pie. But, even before that, we were also workmates at Grand Hotel, Michigan, including every one in the table.


After a few seconds, Rowen went out and exchanged how-are-you’s. Rowen is now the head chef of The Burgery. He’s come a mighty long way. The head chef recommend us The Machine Gun burgers. We took his word for it and ordered it with a server who wore a gray polo shirt with their logo on the left hand side. We also ordered a couple more items.






Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends. ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Nostalgically yours,


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