Page 20 of 365: The Return of James

Dear reader,

I had an 8AM-5PM shift today. Basically, an opening shift. Although yesterday, I had the same shift, it felt like forever since I opened the store. Before yesterday, my last opening shift was last year. I live for opening shifts, being the morning person that I am.

Last night, Mommy Liz issued a general cleaning of the entire store. This is to prepare for James’ arrival. If you’re not familiar, James is the founder and owner of Project Pie. He founded it after realizing that wanting good pizza doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg, which is why one can order a pizza and customize it anyway he wants for a single price. Meaning, getting all the toppings is completely possible.

The sky’s the limit.

I didn’t get the chance to have a picture with just James. Majority of my friends have pictures with him, and some have even been featured by their official Instagram account. I have a couple of group pictures with him though, all of us wearing the exact same shirt except for one or two people. This year, well technically tomorrow, I was hoping I could finally get that picture perfect moment. Sadly, I am off tomorrow and the chances of James visiting Block 28 are slimmer than my friend Agnes.

I’m thinking of going to the store tomorrow, maybe order a pizza and a drink. Rarely do I visit the store on my off, but this is a special occasion. Plus, I still have the gift card that Carlos gave me as a Christmas present.

To have a great idea, have a lot of them. ~ Thomas Edison

Incidentally, I had to endure the super duper heavy traffic on the way home. Took me almost two hours on the road. Also, I noticed that special traffic enforcers were stationed on some parts. Each had this little blinking flashlight that was probably used to send signals or something.

Casually yours,


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