Page 22 of 365: Instant Noodles

Dear reader,

At work, Agnes and Diane prepped the instant noodles (sotanghon) that they bought from South Supermarket. Agnes poured boiling water in a container filled with noodles and seasonings. While waiting for it to cook, she went upstairs to grab something from her bag. Miggy took this opportunity to hide Agnes’ noodles on top of the spices, which was one of the highest points in the kitchen. When Agnes returned, she frantically rummaged the entire kitchen for her hot noodles.

“Where the heck is my noodles?” Agnes screamed.

After spending a couple of minutes searching, Agnes gave up and sat on the stairs. Miggy then placed the noodles back to where he found it.

“Where did you last put it?” Miggy asked rhetorically.

Agnes tried one last time and checked where she last put her noodles. She saw it lying there, and everyone burst into laughter. She just rolled her eyes and walked out of the kitchen.

For the rest of the shift, Agens was really quiet. And that’s saying something. She wasn’t angry, and didn’t hold a grudge or anything. But it was really awkward, both Miggy and Agnes not talking to each other.

Just when we thought we had finished, we later realized that there was an issued permit for Pest Control. Had we known earlier, we could’ve made preparations. Instead, we had to rush to get everything covered.

When work was done and all, and we all left, Miggy and Agnes still didn’t talk to each other. Not only later did I find out that the former texted the latter and sorta made up. Sorta. I didn’t get to read the text message.

No matter how many times we fight, we always find a way to make up. ~ Anonymous

Instantly yours,


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