Page 23 of 365: Requirement

Dear reader,

One of the requirements to work for any restaurant is to have a health permit. Everyone’s health permit only lasted until the last day of 2014. Thus, we are required to acquire slash renew it for this year. In order to do that in an organized manner, the managers asked medical representatives to visit the store directly and conduct all the necessary medical check ups in one go. This should happen no longer than the end of the month. No specific or tentative date has been issued.

In order to speed things up, the managers started asking for 1X1 photos for the permits. I had none, so I asked Agnes yesterday to accompany me today to Festival Supermall and have my picture taken. It shouldn’t take that long. Most stores boast a 10-minute rush service for regular photos.

As I’m typing all this, I keep eyeing the time. Just less than one hour left before my shift starts and I’m barely half way there. Traffic is as heavy as ever.

Will I make it in time?

Time is of the essence. ~ Anonymous

Hastily yours,


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