Page 24 of 365: Switch

Dear reader,

I awoke to the sound of my alarm that I always refer to as “infernal racket.” I checked the time. 12NN. I turned the alarm off and got greeted by my home screen with 5 messages and 2 missed calls. I hastily checked my messages. All five were from one person. That person was Carlos. Carlos is the current Wet Stocks Manager and also consecutively the owner of Project Pie here in the Philippines.

The first few text messages were about how the store was underman and that he was wondering if I could fill in the mid shift slot. Two people couldn’t come in the morning. He worried about the lunch rush. The last text was a sort of an announcement to everyone stating that there was some sort of despedida (going away party) for Mommy Liz. You see, in a few days, she’ll be leaving Block 28 and start another chapter of her life as the OIC of Bluebay Walk. She is then replaced by Paul, the current OIC of Bluebay Walk. Simply put, they switched stores.

I checked my two missed calls. It was still Carlos. The calls and texts arrived at around 9AM. I was fast asleep at that time. I probably couldn’t come even if I did wake up earlier. Much of my body was tired and needed sleep so bad.

By the time I arrived at the store, it was already past 4PM. Tardy. I was 8 minutes late. Traffic was really really really heavy.

In the kitchen, I saw food from Amber. Amber is quite popular, not just in the store, but nationwide. Every time we had events or wanted to celebrate something, we would order from them. Their spaghetti is really good. Not a fan of palabok (noodles) though.

On top of one of the tables was Amber’s spaghetti, lumpiaPichi-Pichi, and chicken from Jollibee. Everyone started eating after a couple of minutes.

Chaos ensued. Kidding. Each eyed their own eating place in the cramped kitchen. I went for the stairs. It was really spacious there compared to the prep area part where everyone was socializing while eating. Mommy Liz sat in a white chair just between me and the Par Stock shelf. She was checking in on everyone, making sure everybody had something to bite. To her left, neatly placed in the Par Stock shelf, was our gift to her – a brown board decorated with scrapbooking stuff and hand-written notes containing our emotions and feelings for her.

All of us put a lot of effort into it. Mommy Liz loved it, as expected. She didn’t expect anything of the sort.

We’re gonna miss our OIC, the person who wore the hat of OIC and mommy of Block 28. We wish her nothing but the best as she presses onwards to another chapter of her life.

Thanking you once more, I want to wish you the best of luck for your future life and to conclude by saying to you: Dream your dreams and may they come true! ~ Felix Bloch

Memorably yours,



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