Page 27 of 365: Hale

Dear reader,

You probably already know this, but my favorite band, Hale, made a comeback this week. Yes, they are now, once again, a band. After disbanding a couple of years back, they are back in the business with their comeback single See You.


I have always been fascinated by Hale. I kept listening to their songs even after they disbanded. Their songs, the lyrics, the overall feels. You just can’t help but get sucked in this vortex of serenity and bliss that they exude.

I stumbled upon Hale when I was a highschool freshman in my hometown. Their very first song that graced my ears was Kung Wala Ka. I can’t put into words how much the song made me feel. Without hardly knowing the lyrics, I kept singing it for weeks. Only then did I start searching for more of their songs. Before I knew it, I was hooked; became a fan and part of their huge fanbase. Even on karaokes, I would look for Hale songs first before other artists.

Looking back, Hale has come a long way. Their long hiatus has finally ended. Here’s to more songs and more reasons to be happy this 2015.

Incidentally, the picture above was liked by Champ Lui Pio (vocalist of Hale) himself on Instagram. Also, it was favorited by Hale and Champ on Twitter. Definitely a good start, 2015.


Musically yours,


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