Page 30 of 365: Coffee

Dear reader,

I woke up a quarter before six in the morning. I still had the Nescafé Chocolatte powdered coffee mix I bought yesterday. Initially, I had planned to mix it with a pack of Swiss Miss to get rid of the bitter taste of coffee. Not much of a fan of anything bitter. This is why I’ll choose milktea over Starbucks or any other coffee shop. Or, I’ll just order the very sweet drinks even if they have coffee.

After heating up water, I poured a small amount into this black ceramic cup I bought from a Japanese store. The powdered mix immediately melted, creating this rich brown drink with smoke swirling upwards. My black cup had no handle, but it was specially made so that the bottom part never got hot. It’s more of a cup made for tea rather than coffee.

Plot twist!

I didn’t pour my Swiss Miss into the drink. I wanted to taste it at its purest form. Sorta.

I blew and blew until I ran out of breath. The drink was still insanely hot. Eventually, as it got colder a little, I took a sip. I placed it on my left palm and supported the cup on the bottom part with my right hand, Japanese style. Surprisingly, the drink was more chocolatey than it was bitter. Heck, I could have easily mistaken it for hot choco. I never knew instant chocolate flavored coffee could taste good. Props to Nescafé for creating a product that I might start patronizing. I’m gonna need that caffeine early in the morning.

Never was anything great achieved without danger. ~ Niccolò Machiavelli

Invigoratingly yours,


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