Page 31 of 365: New OIC

Dear reader,

Today was Paul‘s first day as the new OIC of Block 28. He and Mommy Liz, the previous OIC, basically switched places. Paul didn’t come in until afternoon, though.

Paul has been in charge of Bluebay Walk for such a long time. He is a man capable of handling the busiest store. He and his store has more achievements than all the other stores combined. Efficiently managing his staff, he knows when to praise and reprimand anyone at the right moment. I look forward to working with him for a few months.

Morning shift was completely swamped with guests. We hardly had any free time to back up anything for the closing shift. On the good side, we had enough manpower and sales skyrocketed. I was left with a messy drawer with scattered receipts. The sales reached a whopping 40K+, practically almost double than what we usually make in the mornings. It’s safe to say that Block 28 is slowly regaining its glory days.

Because of the busy shift, I hardly had the chance to interact with Paul. He also got occupied helping out everyone. Also, I didn’t get to do my reports – organizing the DCRs and PCVs. I may have to do them tomorrow.

Incidentally, today’s the first month-end inventory of the year. Again, I have zero participation. Nothing new. No complaints though.

I’m someone who is open-minded to new experiences because they teach you new things. ~ Marilyn Manson

Busily yours,


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