Back from China

Mondays at work are as laid back as ever. Hardly anything got us busy, except for the meticulous cleaning that is slowly being incorporated in our daily routine. No stocks, no rush, no sweat.

A few hours before my shift ended, I received a text from my cousin Popo.

I fiddled with my phone and checked it.

“Let’s have dinner with Alexa. What time do you get off?”

Popo, my cousin, just got back from China after being an Intern at Airbus for six months. Man, life at China must have been really new to him.

I told him I get off at 5PM and asked him where they planned on eating.

“Not sure yet. We’ll decide later.”

Surely enough, we did. But not until a little while later.

After work, I got home and changed. We left the house empty and locked.

The three of us (the third being Alexa, also my cousin) entered SM City BF uncertain of our destination. Vikings was one of the suggestions, but we deemed it unviable due to the time of the day. Buffet for dinner just isn’t a good choice.

Roaming around the mall, we stumbled upon My Little Buttercup. Alexa gave us good feedback about the place, so we nodded at each other and went in. The staff gave us complete authority as to where we were gonna be seated. Naturally, we chose the one with the soft cushions on the leftmost part.

My Little Buttercup is a cute little fancy-schmancy café located on the second floor of the mall. The place had ample lighting and space paired with eye candy interior ideas like chalkboards with handwritings and sketches.

Menus were handed over to us as soon as we got seated. Props to their menu for being clean, organized, and simple yet stylish. Not many can accomplish that.

Popo ordered baby back ribs for sharing and pasta for himself. Alexa went for the healthier choice and ordered fish and chips. I went all out and got the classic Angus burger without tomatoes. Not a fan of tomatoes.


For dessert, which is a staple of any meal, we indulged in a Dark Brownie a la mode.

Processed with VSCOcam

The food was mediocre; plating was good. Nothing really stood out, except maybe the service. The staff had very keen eyes and attended to us without having to say anything.

Our conversations were nonstop. From China, to random people, to parties, we covered quite a lot and unearthed a few secrets.


We should definitely do this more often.

P.S. I have officially declared that Project 365 will be on hiatus. A very long and indefinite hiatus. The project required tons of time and full commitment, both of which I just couldn’t provide. I fell short. In retrospect, I am proud of what I achieved. I made a whopping 31 blog posts in one month, almost more than I can make in a year. A round of applause, please!

P.P.S. Dinners with cousins are always out of the blue.


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