Warm Bodies

Work was really light today; accounting the fact that there were five people for the closing shift.

Agnes, Jann, Diane, Miggy, and me.

For the entire closing time, we kept bugging each other as to where we should head to after work.

“Tagaytay, anyone?”


When someone mentions Tagaytay, bulalo almost automatically registers in anyone’s mind. Either that or the equally famous mushroom burgers pops in the mind.

I was cleaning the dining area with Agnes when Bea called my attention.

“Mel, can you do the DIPS (Daily Inventory and Pies Sold) for tonight?”

One of the many closing duties of a manager is doing the DIPS. It consists of a summary of the day in the store and crunched numbers like overall sales and such.

Bea and I went upstairs just as soon as I finished lifting the chairs. The stairs at the back still made noises that reverberated in the kitchen.

Before sitting down, Bea fired up the computer, her back slightly arched. She opened the company mail service and fiddled with the computer. An email was being ready to sent. She highlighted half of the body of the letter.

“This is an example of the DIPS.” She was pointing to the screen while saying this and told me it was yesterday’s.

Doing the DIPS isn’t really new to me. I used to do it when I was still in Park Square. Well, half of it, that is.

Being a blogger, I find it relatively easy to do. The only time-consuming part, for me, is deciding how the summary should sound like. The rest comes naturally.

I sat down in front of the computer and started doing the first half of the DIPS. While I was doing it, Bea counted the store’s money. I’ll be doing the counting on my own too, soon.

In between, I inserted lines like “sales should boom next month,” “peak times were blah blah blah,” and wrapped it up with “Let’s keep our heads up and reach for the stars,” all of which just popped up in my mind. The lines made me smile a little. Bea continued the second half with all the number crunching and excel typing.

Fast forward for a couple of minutes.

Strapled in the back seat of Jann’s car with Agnes, Miggy, and Jerrard, along with Diane at the front seat, the gang drove all the way to Tagaytay without any hesitation.

We arrived at MerBen, blinded with all the flashy ads from every direction. As I stepped out, the cold icy breeze sent shivers down my spine. I have never been so glad to have a jacket.

The place had indoor seating and an alfresco composed of little huts, both of which provided little to no warmth. Being the brave adventurers that we are, we chose to sit outside in one of their cute little huts.

All of us placed our orders standing when one of the crew handed us a menu. The decision was quick: one order of Large Bulalo and Sisig Platter with six cups of rice.

The bulalo was delicious! The hot soup warmed our ice-cold bodies and helped our blood circulate. The sisig was okay-ish. The star of the night was definitely the signature bulalo. I’m coming back for it next time. Yes, it was that good. A few moments of silence occurred while eating, but none too awkward. We wrapped things up after paying and resting for a couple of minutes.

Everyone walked ever so slowly to the car, as we were full. Bloated would be an understatement, if we were to be described. I was so stuffed that I even forgot how cold it was.

A few minutes cruisin’ and I was almost fast asleep. Aftereffects of eating a lot.

I made my way home… to Laguna. But that’s a different story. One that I have yet to blog about.


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