Hit Two Birds With One Stone

The green bus roared to life as the driver hit the pedal. The mini television and air-conditioning was kept on during the wait. With the entire half already filled, the bus made its way to the highway.

Last night, after a barrage of selfies, Raine, Agnes, and I chatted in a group and made plans for today.

What: Meetup
When: 5PM Today
Where: Zark’s Taft

It’s been ages since I last saw Raine. And ever since our friend JJ bought that humongous burger from Casa Verde, Raine has been craving for a good burger. I thought maybe I can bring her to Zark’s, a burger joint that my cousin introduced me to. I bet she’ll like it there.

The time at the bus read 6PM.

We’re late. Really late.

Agnes and I were stuck in heavy traffic. The icy cold temp. paired with the slow-moving traffic was nauseating. Our grumbling tummies made it even worse. One thing was sure – we were hungry.

Half past six, we found Raine outside of Zark’s, patiently waiting. The queue was crazy long. Luck was on our side though. Raine went in and lined up beforehand. We were number four on the list. The wait was short, at least on our part.

Zark’s Taft made a really bad impression. Almost a complete opposite compared to Zark’s BF. Floors were dirty, tables were messy, orders got mixed up. But what really made a mark was the service, particularly our server. While taking our order, he showed zero enthusiasm as if the whole thing was a drag. He slowly wrote our order on a piece of paper with a lifeless expression. No eye contact whatsoever.

Raine ordered the Jawbreaker. The item has a special condition. If one finishes it within five minutes, it’s free. Cool, huh? Agnes ordered the Tomahawk. As for me, I got the Candy Bacon Burger. Bacon is top priority when getting a burger.


“Wanna go to Cafe Travel after this?” Raine asked out of the blue.

“Yes!” Both Agnes and I answered in unison. And so we did.

“Thanks guys!” The last words we heard from our server.

Cafe Travel is this cute, cozy, Korean-themed cafe at Archer’s Nook near La Salle. Recently, I came across a blog post about the place and decided that it was a must-try.

The interior design is a breather. Not your typical table and chair set up, Cafe Travel boasts bunker type cubicles with a signature white table and cushions instead of chairs. Strictly no shoes allowed.

In every angle, one would find a sticky note with random sayings. The entire cafe is filled with ’em. As we walked further inside, Raine made an abrupt stop halfway. Lifting her hand, she pointed upwards.

“Look! Those are our notes from when we last came here!” Surely enough, we saw it.

Decor like miniature Eiffel Towers and intersection signs weren’t able to carry the word Travel in Cafe Travel. Vintage phones, mini mannequins, and posters scattered all over the place.

Order taking procedures were also different. The servers roam around, hand out menus, and take people’s orders in the bunkers. Kind of like a diner. Our server was really polite and nice.


Raine was still full, so she only had a Calamansi Tea. Agnes also got a drink in the form of the cool Choco Latte with coffee art. I, on the other hand, ordered a Dark Chocolate Cake. Save the best for last, I always say.


The cake danced in my mouth with every bite. The whipped cream paired with the icing was a perfect combination. The cake, overall, was really scrumptious. You really get a bang for your buck.

Later on, the crew asked if they could take our pictures. Each of us got two frames plus two more additional for a group shot. The crew even went to the trouble of printing our picture and thanking us for visiting, handing over our group shot.

Situated on the right of the entrance facing the counter, a plant filled with clips and pictures stood out. The three of us clipped our picture and left it for others to behold.

I just hit two birds with one stone today. I have been meaning to bring Raine to Zark’s and I’ve been meaning to try Cafe Travel.

As I sat on the bus, I recalled the events today. How I really had fun with those two. How incredibly full I was afterwards. How really thankful I am for the company.

Thank you.


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