The time has come for me to exit.


This is but an excerpt from my resignation letter that I submitted to Paul earlier. The sun had already set; clouds swirled frivolously. The sudden rain had moistened the road, creating puddles and allaying the heat.

Agnes and I had just made our way back to the store after attending the Easter Sunday mass at Festival Supermall and grabbing two orders of chilled taho from this new place called Soya Bar. The taho was really good and affordable.

Note to self: Come back and try either the Soya Bubble Milk Tea or Soya Choco Mousse drinks.

The store proved to be quiet even at night, nearly desserted. Partners kept themselves busy, cleaning this and doing that. Paul, our OIC and the person we wanted to talk to, sat in the dining area, his back facing the guests.

It’s now or never.

I hesitantly sat beside Paul. Peering into his iPod unconsciously, he played some sort of tower defense game.

“Boss Paul-“

Paul cut me mid-sentence and asked, “You guys are resigning?”

He must have put the pieces together. Our hesitation, the build-up of suspense, the unanswered question as to why we came back to the store, us acting weird. Yup. The last part was a total giveaway.

“Yes, Boss Paul!” we said in unison.

The conversation sorta dragged on with a few moments of dead air. Paul asked us various questions.

When does it start?
What is your reason?
Where are you headin’?
Are you sure about this?

The last question got stuck in my head. I thought of a few interpretations of it. But I had already thought things through and cleared my mind beforehand.

No backing out.

He signed our letters to acknowledge it and wrote notes on top. Probably for reference.

I’d say Paul handled this in a professional manner. Just what I expected. Like A Boss. Both of us went straight home afterwards.

The fact that we’re leaving in thirty days hasn’t quite sinked in yet. I’ll probably be swept away with my emotions on my last day. For now, I’ll keep doing what I’m good at – having fun and making every day count. Carpe Diem.


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