Signature Drink

With summer kickin’ in, I just couldn’t help but try as many beat-the-heat methods as I can. One of which, was chillin’ at Starbucks. *cough* Social climber. *cough*

There I was, chillin’ at Starbucks at Northgate. Faced again with the dilemma of what to order, I winged it and asked if I can get a Chai Tea Latté iced. Charm, the barista by the counter, said yes.

She followed-up with a question. “You really like this specific flavor?”

I said yes. I told her I’ve only tried it once, and that it was my friend’s order last time. Also, that it was hot. Not really much of a fan of hot drinks.

“Next time, you should try it with Soy Milk for a boost in taste.” As she suggested this, she already had a cup in her hand, writing down barista codes on it.

“Can I try it now with Soy Milk?” I knew it was a dumb question. I mean, of course I can. I laughed at myself inside my head. I must’ve had a weird expression on my face.

“Sure!” She replied, and added a code on the cup.

I should probably add that she wore a smile for the entire time.

When my order was ready, I took a sip right away.

“That might become your signature drink.” She beamed while I was sipping.

“Mmm! This is really good!” I had this incredible smile on my face. A really really really huge one, at that.


That moment, I realized that an Iced Chai Tea Latté with soy milk has just become my signature drink. All thanks to this bubbly barista with a sunny disposition named Charm.

Kudos, Charm! And also Starbucks! You guys just made my day. One happy guest right here.

Disclaimer: My signature drink is subject to change without prior notice.


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