The Boy Who Became a Barista

Over the course of my indefinite blogging hiatus, I have switched careers – from being a pizzaiolo to becoming a barista at none other than Starbucks Coffee.

I have two reasons for wanting to become a barista:

Main reason: To utilize my knack of making someone’s day with coffee as my medium.

Secondary reason: BARISTAS ARE ASDFGHJKL COOL! Nuff said.

Now that I’m an official regular barista, I realized that my secondary reason was a mere understatement. I cannot (yes, I used the full word) even fathom how awesome the life of a barista is. Handcrafting drinks, personalizing with thousands of customizations, interacting with guests customers, making someone’s day with a cup of coffee, making each day count, having fun with partners. The list goes on. As they say here in Manila:

“Happy lang (only), walang (no) ending.”

Now, let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

I was hired as a barista halfway through my birth month, practically a gift to myself. I remember excitedly applying online and being interviewed for the first time at their headquarters dubbed Support Center. I remember feeling giddy after receiving a phone call from someone named Che (who eventually became my Store Manager). I remember getting a complimentary handcrafted beverage (with a cool latte art) during my interview with Che. I remember my first few weeks, swept with nostalgia over the school-ish side of Starbucks I had no idea existed. But what I remember,  what stood out the most…

…is my regularization (separate blog post because of details). From being a non-regular barista to being an official regular barista of Team 333 Starbucks EVIA Daang Hari.


Good day! Welcome to Starbucks EVIA Daang Hari. This is Rommel. What can I get for you today?


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