Outré: Liquid Nitrogen Gelato

The weather here in the Philippines is still as messed up as ever. Even with December fast approaching, we still get a few kicks of summer heat. On rare occasions, we get a drizzle and rays of sunshine at the same time. It’s as if the sky can’t decide if it wants to rain or shine. Today, we got the latter. An abundance of scorching heat. At one point, I thought I saw those sand ball thingies that roll in the desert. 

Beat the heat idea: ice cream!

For weeks, no, months now, I have been eyeing this place at BF Homes called Outré. Yes, it’s spelled that way. Now if I could just pronounce it right. 

Outré is this hip new place along Aguirre Avenue that serve liquid nitrogen-infused gelato. In my twenty plus (let’s keep my age a mystery) years of existence in this planet, I have yet to hear about ice cream being infused with liquid nitrogen, or any element from the periodic table of elements for that matter. The idea itself fascinated me. Why not give it a try? And so, I did.

The facade of the store had crystal clear glass walls. The signage at the top had the name of the place outlined in white against black with eye-catching details. Because the store was practically see-through, the infusion process was visible to everyone who was within the vicinity, from passersby to bystanders.


As for the interior, artsy chalkboards with scribbles and doodles filled the walls. Wooden tables with red chairs make up the dining area. The gelato prep area is open to the public. All sorts of paraphernalia lay across the table. 

Where the magic happens

Huge nitrogen tanks tried blending in with the atmosphere. 

Liquid Nitrogen Tanks

Their notable bestseller is the Milo Dinosaur. 

Milo Dinosaur Gelato

A delectable concoction of Milo Gelato dusted off with Milo Powder and comes with Milo Syrup in a mini syringe, in case there wasn’t enough Milo for you. With their generous servings, you definitely get your money’s worth. 

Outré’s gelati aren’t just eye candy. One scoop in and I felt this magical sensation dancing on my tastebuds. Before I knew it, I had finished one hefty serving. The thing is, I craved for more. 

I plan on visiting again in the near future and trying out the other flavors. From what I read, they try to mix up their limited menu from time to time. Good strategy; keepin’ it fresh. 

What are you waiting for, guys? If you’re out and about in BF Homes, try to stop by Outré Gelato and Sangers along Aguirre Avenue and get the ice cream fix you deserve.


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