One HALE Of An Experience

With a lot of OPM bands emerging in the music scene, finding that one band that fits your musical taste is as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. Although I can’t say it’s the same case for me. Hale has always been my favorite band, for as long as I can remember. 

Hale is an alternative rock band with Champ, my idol, as their vocalist. The band has went through a lot: skyrocketing through fame, winning tons of awards, getting disbanded, and coming back again as a band under the same name. 

As much as I like listening to their songs, I haven’t actually had the chance to see them perform live. Being in a provincial area, they hardly held gigs at our place. It dawned on me that it has been almost a decade already since I started listening to them. I just had to show my support. 

And show I definitely did. My good friend and housemate Agnes shared information regarding a Hale and Silent Sanctuary gig. The latter being a band that I also really admire. 

March 14th, 70’s Bistro, Quezon City

Then and there, I knew, I just had to attend that gig. I had enough time to request for a vacation leave from work, so I did. With my devilishly good luck, it was approved and I was all set. 

Hitting two birds with one stone. 

Come March 14th, Agnes and I traveled from the South, all the way up North. Hailing from Laguna, it was miles and miles away. A challenge well accepted. Equipped with our GPS’ and instincts, we walked the streets of Quezon City. Eventually, we found the bar. 

70’s Bistro had an average-sized signboard on top, with an image of a certain type of beer. The entrance came in the form of a single brown door embellished with hundreds of various stickers, most of which were local and international bands. To the left hung a white signage with black letters that spelled out:

Silent Sanctuary


To the right laid a table and a chair, occupied by a male receptionist. In his hands were tickets for the gig. Both of us deemed it too early that time to go in, and after asking Mr. Receptionist, he told us it doesn’t for about an hour or two. Hungry, we told him we’d be back after grabbing something to eat. 

Inside, the bar was crawling with people. 70’s Bistro had very little space, so people were jam packed. The stage was fairly near, even at the back most part. Servers flew here and there, hands full with trays of food and alcohol. Lights flickered, bottles clanked, people talked. Typical bar setting right there. Except when the bands started playing. 

Hale was up first. See You, their comeback single, was the first in their lineup of songs. Girls screamed at the top of their lungs at the sight of Champ. He was always a huge hit with the ladies. I sang to all of the songs Hale played. What got me really fanboying was the fact that they sang my Top 2 Hale songs: Kung Wala Ka and The Day You Said Goodnight. Hale pretty much nailed it. Seeing them perform live, literally a few feet away, got me starstruck. To think, before, I could only see them perform on TV and in videos. Living in the present never felt so good. 


Silent Sanctuary performed next, revealing that they were the ones who invited Hale. All that time, I thought it was the other way around. The band performed some of their greatest hits and the crowd showed mad love for them. 

After the gig, we chilled with Champ and Silent Sanctuary’s lead vocalist Sarkie. Champ was a cool dude. He noticed we were wearing the exact same polo shirt. And we wore it exactly the same too, with both of the buttons, buttoned. What a coincidence. I told him they were awesome earlier. He then invited us to visit his bar, 12 Monkeys. Made our day. 

We capped the night by thanking Champ and Sarkie for a wonderful performance with their respective bands. 


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