Friends Forever

At Starbucks, I have met people from various walks of life.

Each has their own story to tell.

Each has their own distinct personality.

Each has their own purpose. 


Of these people, I have met three that go beyond any beautiful adjective I can think of. Anything I come up with would be an understatement. Redefining the very essence of the word friendship, I have come to love these three, unconditionally. Simultaneously, they taught me to love, and made me feel loved.

Memories of them consist of a healthy mix of ups and downs. Each has their own story to tell. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, as Maroon 5 puts it. We undeniably have our fair share of problems. That’s life! But you know what gets us through? Each other. The four of us have created a bond so strong, so formidable, that even Superman, or any superhero for that matter, can’t penetrate.

As there are downs, there are certainly ups as well. And it’s these three’s defining characteristics that give my life so much color (even in a black and white photo). Each has their own distinct personality. No two people are alike, and it’s this individuality inherent in my friends that makes us enjoy each other’s company even more. Our usual routine consists of:

Laugh. Insult. Love. Repeat. 

Coincidentally, these three all celebrated their special days this month of August. I have come to like this month because of that. For each of their birthday, I have provided them a gift and a letter showing how much I care for them. Each has their own purpose.


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Nemooow, Kia, BuJam, Me



The Gift Of Dreams

For you, I give The Gift Of Dreams. 

For an individual who has dreams that stretch beyond the horizon, let this Dream Catcher absorb not only your nightmares, but also the negativity you possess. Jam, there will be setbacks in life. There will be times that you won’t know what to do, what spiel to say when assigned as DTO, mumble and stutter, etc. But know that nobody’s perfect. It’s okay. You don’t have to be. 

Know that you have plenty to be proud of. A loving family, awesome friends, pets who will stay by your side no matter what, curves, beauty, and a huge heart. Plus , you have plenty of room for food improvement. Don’t lose hope so easily and strive to become a better person than you were yesterday. 

Happy birthday, Jam. May all of your wishes come true. 

May the odds be ever in your favor.


The Gift Of Elegance

For you, I give The Gift Of Elegance. 

Brimming with confidence, you, Kia, deserve this Silver Tiara. For your immeasurable love and care for your daughter, your family, your friends, your partners, and even people you have yet to meet, your presence is reminiscent of a Queen gracing her subjects. You leave a trail of ease and grace as you go. 

The desire to stand out and become a star will take time. It might be next week, next month, next year. Who knows? The important thing is you are off to a good start. Keep your feet on the ground and never ever lose your humility. 

Now, wear this with your head held high and become a star on your special day. Always remain to be beautifully confident with a heart. Happy birthday, Kia! 

Stay forever young. 


The Gift of Indulgence

For you, I give The Gift of Indulgence. 

Your unwavering smile and sweet nature should be rewarded with this Baked Creation. For spreading positivity with your smile and humour as your medium, you create an enjoying environment that makes work fun to do, much more than it already is. 

Be careful, though. Don’t forget your own needs. You deserve to be happy too. It’s not always up to you to ensure everyone’s happiness. We are called partners for a reason. We are here for you too, don’t you ever forget that. Your happiness matters to us. 

Continue to spread that signature smile of yours. You have no idea how contagious it is. Know that your heart is in the right place. Happy birthday, Nemooow. Wishing you all the happiness in the world. 

Just keep swimming. 


Let’s continue to fill each other’s days with as much happiness as we possibly can. I honestly can’t thank God enough for an abundance of blessings in the form of you three. I want you guys to know how lucky I am to have met you. Every day I spend with you three is as close to cloud nine as it gets. I love you guys. Now spread the love. There’s not much to go around. ❤


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