Signature Drink

With summer kickin’ in, I just couldn’t help but try as many beat-the-heat methods as I can. One of which, was chillin’ at Starbucks. *cough* Social climber. *cough* There I was, chillin’ at Starbucks at Northgate. Faced again with the dilemma of what to order, I winged it and asked if I can get a […]

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The time has come for me to exit. This is but an excerpt from my resignation letter that I submitted to Paul earlier. The sun had already set; clouds swirled frivolously. The sudden rain had moistened the road, creating puddles and allaying the heat. Agnes and I had just made our way back to the […]

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Hit Two Birds With One Stone

The green bus roared to life as the driver hit the pedal. The mini television and air-conditioning was kept on during the wait. With the entire half already filled, the bus made its way to the highway. Last night, after a barrage of selfies, Raine, Agnes, and I chatted in a group and made plans […]

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Warm Bodies

Work was really light today; accounting the fact that there were five people for the closing shift. Agnes, Jann, Diane, Miggy, and me. For the entire closing time, we kept bugging each other as to where we should head to after work. “Tagaytay, anyone?” “Bulalo!” When someone mentions Tagaytay, bulalo almost automatically registers in anyone’s […]

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Back from China

Mondays at work are as laid back as ever. Hardly anything got us busy, except for the meticulous cleaning that is slowly being incorporated in our daily routine. No stocks, no rush, no sweat. A few hours before my shift ended, I received a text from my cousin Popo. I fiddled with my phone and […]

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Page 31 of 365: New OIC

Dear reader, Today was Paul‘s first day as the new OIC of Block 28. He and Mommy Liz, the previous OIC, basically switched places. Paul didn’t come in until afternoon, though. Paul has been in charge of Bluebay Walk for such a long time. He is a man capable of handling the busiest store. He […]

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Page 30 of 365: Coffee

Dear reader, I woke up a quarter before six in the morning. I still had the NescafĂ© Chocolatte powdered coffee mix I bought yesterday. Initially, I had planned to mix it with a pack of Swiss Miss to get rid of the bitter taste of coffee. Not much of a fan of anything bitter. This […]

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