Phillip’s Sanctuary

A lot can happen in a year. In my case, a lot has happened a year after I got transferred from Starbucks EVIA to a different store. Two stores, to be exact. Long story short, I got transferred to Starbucks Caltex SLEX for seven months, then to Starbucks Madrigal (my current store) shortly after. The […]

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Friends Forever

At Starbucks, I have met people from various walks of life. Each has their own story to tell. Each has their own distinct personality. Each has their own purpose.    Of these people, I have met three that go beyond any beautiful adjective I can think of. Anything I come up with would be an […]

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Slice of Santorini

Summer is almost over here in the Philippines. Heck, the news just announced earlier that the rainy season has commenced.  I have been itching to plunge into crystal clear saltwater and feel the sun on my skin. Summer-themed pictures on the feed of my social media accounts only adds to my overall desire.  The remedy: […]

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One HALE Of An Experience

With a lot of OPM bands emerging in the music scene, finding that one band that fits your musical taste is as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. Although I can’t say it’s the same case for me. Hale has always been my favorite band, for as long as I can remember.  Hale […]

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Team EVIA Store Outing

At Starbucks, there has been an annual tradition of holding a store outing. As for the date, it depends greatly on the type of market a specific store caters to. University stores usually have theirs during summertime, when students are off getting tanned and chillin’ by the shores. Business district stores have theirs on holidays, […]

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The Boy Who Became a Barista

Over the course of my indefinite blogging hiatus, I have switched careers – from being a pizzaiolo to becoming a barista at none other than Starbucks Coffee. I have two reasons for wanting to become a barista: Main reason: To utilize my knack of making someone’s day with coffee as my medium. Secondary reason: BARISTAS ARE […]

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