Treasure Mountain

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. At times of uncertainty, all you really need to do is trust the process. Everything else will fall into place in due time. Here in the Philippines, we have this saying that goes, “‘Pag biglaan, natutuloy.” This means that if you don’t plan events, they […]

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Semper Prorsum

“To All The Drinks I Have Ever Handcrafted” sounds like a cheesy spinoff of a certain book we know, that’s why it didn’t make it as the title. Truth be told, I’m sure we both agree that it was for the betterment. The life of a barista (or partner, as we like to call each […]

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Phillip’s Sanctuary

A lot can happen in a year. In my case, a lot has happened a year after I got transferred from Starbucks EVIA to a different store. Two stores, to be exact. Long story short, I got transferred to Starbucks Caltex SLEX for seven months, then to Starbucks Madrigal (my current store) shortly after. The […]

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Friends Forever

At Starbucks, I have met people from various walks of life. Each has their own story to tell. Each has their own distinct personality. Each has their own purpose.    Of these people, I have met three that go beyond any beautiful adjective I can think of. Anything I come up with would be an […]

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Slice of Santorini

Summer is almost over here in the Philippines. Heck, the news just announced earlier that the rainy season has commenced.  I have been itching to plunge into crystal clear saltwater and feel the sun on my skin. Summer-themed pictures on the feed of my social media accounts only adds to my overall desire.  The remedy: […]

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One HALE Of An Experience

With a lot of OPM bands emerging in the music scene, finding that one band that fits your musical taste is as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. Although I can’t say it’s the same case for me. Hale has always been my favorite band, for as long as I can remember.  Hale […]

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Team EVIA Store Outing

At Starbucks, there has been an annual tradition of holding a store outing. As for the date, it depends greatly on the type of market a specific store caters to. University stores usually have theirs during summertime, when students are off getting tanned and chillin’ by the shores. Business district stores have theirs on holidays, […]

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The Boy Who Became a Barista

Over the course of my indefinite blogging hiatus, I have switched careers – from being a pizzaiolo to becoming a barista at none other than Starbucks Coffee. I have two reasons for wanting to become a barista: Main reason: To utilize my knack of making someone’s day with coffee as my medium. Secondary reason: BARISTAS ARE […]

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Signature Drink

With summer kickin’ in, I just couldn’t help but try as many beat-the-heat methods as I can. One of which, was chillin’ at Starbucks. *cough* Social climber. *cough* There I was, chillin’ at Starbucks at Northgate. Faced again with the dilemma of what to order, I winged it and asked if I can get a […]

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